Meet the Creator and Facilitator of TRUSTED

Chinwe Grace Osuagwu


From Computers to People
Over the course of my twenty-two year career, I have had great experience assessing problems and charting a successful path forward. Early in my professional life, I employed my problem-solving talents within the IT field. But a fortuitous series events led to my career change. After being downsized in 2001, I decided that it was time to shift the focus of my work from computers to people. I wanted to leverage my immense communications skills and my knack for engineering solutions into an entrepreneurial venture. Later that year, my leadership training and team development consulting firm One Vision,Inc. ­now known as Trusted Teams,Inc. was born.

I don’t feed my groups an endless stream of theory; instead I empower them with actionable steps that they can begin to implement immediately.

Student of Interpersonal Dynamics
I am fascinated with what makes teams work and I consider myself a student of the interpersonal dynamics that foster productive team environments. I find myself constantly analyzing the challenges facing teams so that I can identify points of contention, remove barriers to communication and ultimately facilitate peak performance.

While insightful discussions on relationship dynamics are unusual in corporate America, through Trusted Teams I pride myself on intentionally creating a culture where they’re commonplace. Often, participants arrive to my learning workshops hesitant and skeptical, but later leave empowered and in some cases, completely transformed. Through a mix of interactive exercises and thorough conversations across departments, I help organizations turn their teams around. And unlike other workshops of the sort, I don’t feed my groups an endless stream of theory; instead I empower them with actionable steps that they can begin to implement immediately.

Leadership and Team Development Expert
While my style of facilitation has garnered rave reviews from clients, and in many cases transformed teams altogether, I believe that my true gift lies in my ability to inspire and connect with the people I serve. I am passionate about each client engagement and have earned a reputation for bringing 110% of that passion and energy to the room every single time. I revel in creating safe environments where my clients can share and receive honest feedback. I listen to understand, and ask probing questions that require them to dig deep. The result is nothing short of transformative.  Through each experience, I empower each client to see team encounters in a new light, take ownership and responsibility for their role in the team dynamic, and ultimately change the way they communicate, collaborate and connect.

Why I Created TRUSTED...

After a decade of facilitating custom leadership programs for private clients and seeing
the impact it had on their leaders and in their organizations, I was compelled to make this type offering publicly available.  I wanted first-time managers, middle-managers and directors of small and mid-size companies that may not have the budget or the number of managers required for a full in-house leadership development program to have access to an equivalent program.
TRUSTED provides each program participant leadership knowledge, increased self-awareness, personal guidance and practical support.
Do you want to be a rock-solid leader?
If so, I invite you to register and join this cohort of like-minded managers who are ready and willing to learn, share and work at becoming rock-solid leaders in their lives and for their teams and organizations.

This Pathway to Being a Rock-Solid Leader Closes on June 8, 2018 9:00 PM EST/ 6:00 PM PST
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