TRUSTED is an experiential leadership development program designed for first-time managers, middle-managers and directors seeking to becoming stronger and more impactful leaders for the betterment of themselves, their teams and organizations.

TRUSTED’s learning cohort will comprise of a maximum of 16 managers, to ensure each participant receives the leadership insight, guidance, support and knowledge required to achieve his or her goals.

TRUSTED is a blended learning program that offers learning in a variety of ways: live learning events, virtual coaching sessions, self-assessments, learning workbooks and a private social network.

Each program participant will receive:Connect Connection Connecting Connected Join Concept

  • 5 days of live experiential learning
    (April 12-13, 2018, June 13-15, 2018)
  • 3 one+one virtual leadership coaching sessions
  • 4 selfassessments
    (behavior, leadership, emotional intelligence, creative thinking )
  • learning workbooks
  • 1 single-user access to TRUSTED’s private social learning network

Experiential Live Learning Events
South Florida Region, FL


Module 1
Reflect & Revive
April 12-13, 2018 (2 days)

  • Leadership Awareness
  • Connection to Your “Why”
  • Leadership Presence
  • Culture Shaping
  • Change Leadership

Module 2
Engage & Empower
June 13-15, 2018 (3 days) 

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Relationship Building
  • Effective Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Building
  • High Performance Cultivation
Success Factors
  • Success Factor # 1Customize to Optimize Approach: One of the compelling factors of TRUSTED is the “Customize to Optimize” approach.  Each program participant receives a personalized learning agenda, which offers recommendations on how to optimize the training for his or her specific needs and outlines key steps for achieving personal and professional goals.
  • Success Factor # 2Self-Assessments for High Self-Awareness: TRUSTED was specifically designed to ensure that you significantly increase your self-awareness, which leads to a stronger leadership presence. At key points of the program, each participant will receive Self-Assessments for High Self-Awareness in the following areas: behavior, leadership, emotional intelligence and creative thinking.
  • Success Factor # 3One+ One Leadership Coaching: From the onset of TRUSTED and all the way to the end, each program participant will receive specific attention and guidance on applying the learning to his or her leadership landscape via individual coaching sessions. One+One Leadership Coaching Sessions focuses on amplifying the participant’s strengths, minimizing his or her areas of challenge and supporting him or her to stay accountable to achieving stated goals.
  • Success Factor # 4 – Experiential Live Learning Events: TRUSTED is intentional on ensuring learning sticks and one of the ways this is accomplished is through Experiential Live Learning Events.  In learning events,  the facilitator follows each and every learning theory session with an impactful activity; one that will allow program participants to immediately experience what they have learned, so key lessons are extracted and remembered.
  • Success Factor # 5 – ROI Action Plans: TRUSTED focuses on ensuring participants maximize their total investment by providing ROI Action Plans at the end of each live learning event. The ROI Action Plan is a worksheet structured specifically for participants to apply what they have learned to their work, where they would outline action steps to implement between learning events. The ROI Action Plan will also guide participants in creating quantitative measures for tracking their progress and outcomes throughout the program.
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

During and/or after your participation in TRUSTED, you may reap some or all of the following benefits:

  • Increased clarity and confidence in leading others to realize a vision
  • Enhanced people-skills for effectively connecting, communicating and collaborating with all behavior types
  • Expanded toolbox for excelling in an agile workplace, as you sustain a high-morale culture
  • Structured support in staying accountable to achieving your leadership goals

TRUSTED program fee:
Early-bird rate – $5820.00 (available until March 31, 2018, then standard rate applies)
Standard rate – $7820.00

This fee covers all the program elements: 3 leadership coaching sessions, 4 self-assessments, 5 days of live learning events, 2 learning workbooks and a single-user access to TRUSTED’s private social network.  It also includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and parking during the live learning events in April 2018 and June 2018.

This Pathway to Being a Rock-Solid Leader Closes on April 6, 2018 9:00 PM EST/ 6:00 PM PST
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