Are you feeling challenged by your responsibility to produce results through other people?

If so, you are not alone. A majority of the first-time managers, middle managers and directors I interact with share this similar story.

The Story

It starts with the recognition of your “rising star” talent, undeniable commitment and dedication to excelling as an individual performer.

The outstanding results you produced for the company provided you the opportunity for a management position.

You welcomed the new position, the new challenge, and the new opportunity to make an impact on a larger scale.

Now charged with this new responsibility to lead others in generating the same type of results you produced as an individual performer, the unexpected happens. You are face-to-face with a challenge that seems insurmountable: “The People Challenge.”

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The demands seem greater, the deadlines seem tighter and your desire for managing others is waning. Does this sound familiar?

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If it does, then maybe you can relate to the managers I have worked with, and what they discovered about “The People Challenge.” 

The Discovery

“My ability to self-motivate does not translate to motivating others.”

“The diversity of my team is making it hard for me to implement universal strategies that are supposed to drive performance.”

“It’s challenging and time-consuming to recognize what drives each staff member to perform at their best.”

“The constant changes in upper management’s direction and the pressure to produce high results are counterintuitive to me keeping my team motivated to perform.”

In times of overwhelming stress, you go back to what you know, what has brought you past success; you become a DOER again, when your present job is to be a LEADER.

The Understanding

There is a disconnect between what your company expects from you now as a manager of others, fueled by your past achievements as an individual performer, and your present workplace reality:

  • You never learned about the inner workings of how to produce results through others, or that there are four drivers you should be aware of when tasked with inspiring high performance on a consistent basis.
  • No one discussed with you the real challenges to dealing with a culturally and generationally diverse staff. Today’s workforce includes the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and millennials. They all have different perspectives on work ethics, tactics and ways to communicate.
  • You received no guidance or framework on how to excel in an agile workplace, where strategies and directions are changing midstream but goals and expectations are not adjusted to account for those changes.
  • No one shared advice on how to maintain a high morale and retain talented team members, when the new norm for the working environment is a “pressure cooker” spurred by down-sizing, which leaves you and your team with an increased workload and the same monthly targets.
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Eighty-seven percent of employees worldwide are not engaged at work; companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% earnings per share. – Recent Gallup Poll

The Solution

I created TRUSTED, a customized experiential leadership development program with you in mind. I designed TRUSTED to be the bridge for any manager or director who wants to become a strong and impactful leader. We accomplish this by providing the necessary leadership insight, support, guidance and knowledge for your success.

Let me share the five program elements of TRUSTED that make it unique for a public offering and highly focused on ensuring the success of each program participant.

The outdated practice of promoting high-performers to management positions without proper leadership training in today’s diverse, complex and fast-changing business world is simply dangerous.

TRUSTED - 5 Program Elements For Your Success

Success Factor #1 – “Customize to Optimize” Approach

After over a decade of facilitating custom leadership development programs for private companies, I realized one of the key factors for success was ensuring the participant’s current context was integrated into the learning.

One of the compelling factors of TRUSTED is this “Customize to Optimize” approach. As soon as you are accepted as a program participant, your leadership development journey begins with you scheduling a welcome call with me (the facilitator), so you can share your present leadership dynamics and goals. This also provides us an opportunity to get to know each other prior to the first live learning event, which makes the pathway for learning at the live event seamless.

After the welcome call, you will receive your personalized learning agenda, which will offer recommendations on how to optimize the training for your specific needs and outline the keys to achieving your goals.

Success Factor #2 – Self-Assessments for High Self-Awareness

One of the traits that you will consistently discover in every successful leader you encounter is a high-level of self-awareness.

TRUSTED was specifically designed to ensure that you significantly increase your self-awareness during program participation. At key points of the program, you will receive assessments on behavior, leadership, emotional intelligence and creative thinking.

Upon program acceptance, you will receive your first self-assessment on behavior. This will show you immediately the driving behaviors that are in play in your current management position and the impact it has on you, your daily interactions and your performance.

Success Factor #3 – One + One Leadership Coaching Sessions

“Two minds are better than one” is rooted in the foundation of TRUSTED. This is truly evident in the leadership coaching sessions you will receive throughout the program.bigstock-136100180

From the onset of the program and all the way to the end, we will work together to amplify your strengths, minimize your areas of challenge and stay accountable to the achievement of your goals.

This is a program element of TRUSTED that sets it apart from other public leadership development offerings. The specific attention and guidance that you will receive on applying the learning to your leadership landscape will be invaluable.

Success Factor #4 – Experiential Live Learning Events

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Experiences create feelings. Feelings are attached to your memories. Memories have the power to influence you well into the future.

TRUSTED thrives on this human behavior dynamic and intentionally ensures each learning theory session is followed with an impactful activity; one that will allow you and your fellow program participants to immediately experience what you have learned in such a manner that key lessons of that leadership topic are remembered.

Success Factor #5 – ROI Action Plans

“What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?” This is a common question people ask when assessing leadership development programs. I also think it is the wrong question, because it is very passive.

The better question is “How do I maximize my ROI?” This question is active and puts you in the driver’s seat for your leadership development journey.

TRUSTED answers this question with ROI Action Plans that you and your fellow program participants will complete at the end of each live learning event. This is a worksheet structured specifically to help you apply what you have learned to your work, where you will outline action steps to implement between learning events. Your ROI Action Plan will also guide you in creating quantitative measures for tracking your progress and outcomes throughout the program.

TRUSTED is intentionally designed to create a culture of ownership and accountability, and the ROI Action Plans are a core element for fostering this culture.


When assessing a leadership development program, pay close attention to three key elements: content, delivery and facilitator. Does the content address my needs? Will the delivery be impactful? Does the facilitator resonate with me?

The Facilitator

My name is Chinwe Grace Osuagwu, affectionately called “Chin” by the hundreds of leaders I have worked with since becoming a leadership and team development consultant. I am passionate about life, laughter, leadership and learning.

I believe we all have a purpose in life and should do our best to fulfill it. At the same time, we shouldn’t take life so seriously that we can’t find something to laugh about daily. I am absolutely fascinated with all aspects of leadership and, even though I have been facilitating leadership workshops since 2001, I am always open, willing and excited to learn something new.

Here is my professional path in less than 120 words:

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by my Nigerian parents, I attended the University of Rochester (BA 1992), then SUNY at Buffalo (MLS 1994). My first career was as an IT consultant in Morristown, NJ and Bethesda, MD. I attended George Mason University/Newfield Network Coaching & Organizational Learning program (Professional Certificate 01’) and then founded my boutique leadership and team development consulting firm—Trusted Teams, Inc.—in 2001. I now reside in Hollywood, FL where I truly appreciate and enjoy the year-round sunny days, the swaying palm trees and the beautiful big blue ocean.

To learn about my style as a facilitator and what inspired me to create TRUSTED, click here.

The Invitation

Do you want to be a rock solid leader?

If your answer is “Yes”, then I encourage you to review the program details for TRUSTED and see if the program is aligned with your schedule for 2018.

If so, I invite you to register and join a cohort of like-minded managers who are ready and willing to learn, share and work at becoming rock-solid leaders in their lives and for their teams and organizations.

It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the program registration form. Once your program registration is processed, the program instantly begins for you.

Two key benefits of registering early  – significant savings on standard program fee and the ability to choose to receive additional one-on-one leadership coaching sessions with the TRUSTED facilitator.

Every day, strive to master the art of making timely decisions for the betterment of the collective: you, your team and your organization.

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